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    Ok. Go with me here. Now, Country and Rock & Roll may seem light years away from Hip Hop, but I promise it’s just in a neighboring town. My fellow music lovers know that many actually credit the birth of the Rock genre to Chuck Berry who helped pioneer the movement in the 50′s. As for Country, the… Read more »

I remember being 15 and knowing nothing about Love but feeling completely infatuated with it because of how amazing Luther Vandross and Anita Baker made it sound. They laced those lyrics and ballads with so much sincerity that their music became this inspiration for me. When I fell in love, I wanted it to sound and feel like that. Now… Read more »

         DJs have always been an essential part of Hip Hop. As of late, we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of DJs in music again. The concept of listening to music that is spinned is becoming more mainstream and It’s exciting! I personally attribute this gain in popularity to new artists. I’ve found that many emerging… Read more »

Gotta love Muhsinah for this unexpected remix AND the video! It also comes with a handy dandy stream and download link via Soundcloud. Check it. Via Muhsinah: I was having a little fun the other day. Can’t take myself too seriously all the time you know? Well… Mec Jagger got a hold of it. Watch what happened and download the full… Read more »

Three years ago the world lost a musical legend. Michael Jackson has been the King of Pop for the past two decades and probably influenced the new generation of artists more than anyone else ever has. His music was unifying, revolutionary, and undeniable. In celebration and respect, we chose a few songs that everyone loves from the King.

Photos: Phonte & 9th Wonder Show in Jacksonville, FL

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