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We can’t wait for the Nametag & NAMELESS’ release due out early 2013, but in the meantime, I’m really feelin’ this new Nametag joint produced by California producer Time Stretch. Nametag is gettin’ a lot of stuff off of his chest on “Remember Me”, plus the tone of his content matches the beat perfectly. Check it. ALTERNATE STREAM & DOWNLOAD… Read more »

Here is a little something to brighten up your Monday! If you recognize the last name Townsend, that’s because we grew up laughing at her funny father Robert Townsend. Now it’s time to switch the focus because Skye is declaring her own path to fame. She presents her first EP, VOMIT. It’s a younger generation’s look on love, betrayal, and… Read more »

I will happily admit that I’ve been listening to Oddisee’s People Hear What They See  NON-STOP. “You Know Who You Are” is one of my favorites on the album, and Oddisee’s delivery on the track definitely draws you in, and makes you feel as if this was pulled directly from his life. Olivier Daysoul’s voice fits this track perfectly. I’m… Read more »

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Stacy Barthe ft. Frank Ocean “Without You” I’m pretty sure every hopeless romantic girl could relate to this song. Sometimes it’s just that one person you feel you can’t live without, and Stacy shares her obsessive experience with us. The lyrics of this song sounds like she ripped the pages out of my… Read more »

So, the ”For Namesake EP” from Detroit, MI MC; Nametag and Flint, MI producer/graphic artist; NAMELESS is finally complete and looking at a fall 2012 release. After supplying us with various leaks online, the MC and producer present to us, “BLAOW!”. Some of you may remember a snippet version of this song without a hook from Nametag’s “Classic Cadence 3″ mixtape. In this case, we have a… Read more »

Photos: Phonte & 9th Wonder Show in Jacksonville, FL

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