In a male dominated medium that often sees women using their sexuality to make a name for themselves, Signif is an extremely talented emcee who chooses to channel the ART of Hip-Hop in her songs rather than the hype that surrounds the “prototype” of the female emcee. IQ Option 한국

The New York resident, born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was first turned onto Hip-Hop by her older brothers, which began the cementing of her love for the music. At age 8 she began exploring written expression through poetic musings and this eventually led to an active participation in Freestyling. With poetry and Freestyling under her belt, she soon took to developing songs that attempted to capture the essence of both the poetic and off the cuff approaches she was already familiar with.This eventually led to the development of recorded projects of her own as well as working with other people as a guest on their music. In 2009 she released Beautifully Flawed, an EP that would introduce her to the game as a viable artist but it wasn’t until the 2010 release of her album The Transition that people really started to take notice of who Signif was, and that she was somebody who could really add something fresh to the Hip-Hop landscape. Helping to keep the ball rolling forward in 2010, she released a remix project that saw her teamed up with budding underground producer Haz Solo, as well as several clean and crisp music videos done by Alphabang Productions. All of this is leading to a new EP that is guaranteed to be as well received by the public and press as all of her past projects.

When you listen to Signif you hear a young woman that is articulate, clever, confident, creative, and straight up dope. She is NOT a trend. She is NOT a fad. Plain and simple, Signif IS Hip-Hop and she IS the future of the art-form that so desperately needs more people who are dedicated to rising above a status quo that unfortunately champions cultural regression instead of the power of enlightenment.

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