Mr. Al Pete

Mr. Al Pete


This veteran Hip-Hop artist, DJ, actor, host and spokesperson has been putting in work in Northeast Florida for more than a decade and is renowned not only for his ability to rock a crowd, but for also having a work ethic that is tireless and unmatched. 

In February of 2009, Mr. Al Pete released his critically acclaimed debut album, Talk About It, to an audience, ravenous for lyrics and beats with substance and Talk About It did not disappoint. 

As one of the most visible and vocal advocates for artists working together to build and strengthen the region’s independent artist’s community, Mr. Al Pete is Duval’s most sought after artist for collaborations. In the winter of 2009, he released Mr. Al Pete and Notsucal Presents: G3.0 with producer, Notsucal, which like Talk About It was very well received and described by Nakia Abreu of The LaVilla Project as a “…rare listening experience, where each track hits just as hard as the last and takes the listener on a lyrical and sonic journey that they’d be hard pressed to return from.”

n 2010, Mr. Al Pete decided to try his hand at acting, starring in the BeDynamik Productions feature film, Treacherous the Movie, with the popular single from Talk About It, ‘Somethin’ More’, as the film’s lead song. Released in 2010, the film received rave reviews and was awarded the Indie Award of Merit at the 2011 San Francisco Black Film Festival.  

Mr. Al Pete recently headed back into the city to record his third solo studio album and what resulted was Fish in the Forest, and album, which examined the growth and thought processes of Mr. Al Pete. Released in September of 2012, Fish in the Forest has been well-received as people can relate to the realistic and honest approach that Mr. Al Pete lends to everyday scenarios, while sticking to the albums overall theme: Be Yourself. 

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