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Original, eclectic, creatively artistic-a free spirit: these are just a few words to describe the artist known as blctxt contxt. With a flow reminiscent of Hip Hop’s heyday and poetic elements, this artist is poised to get your attention, one song at a time.

blctxt contxt was born in Katy, Texas and raised in Forest Park, Ga. Early on, he was drawn to poetry and the works of Langston Hughes, Sonia Sanchez, and Saul Williams. He took to the mic first as a spoken artist, performing with the band flyMusic. Musically, he drew inspiration from soul and jazz legends Marvin Gaye and John Coltrane, and Hip Hop pioneers Outkast, Nas, Common, A Tribe Called Quest, and Wu-Tang. By the time he graduated high school in 2003, blctxt knew he wanted to pursue life as an MC.

Since that time, blctxt has steadily built a buzz in Atlanta’s underground scene, performing in various venues such as Apache Café, Lenny’s Bar, and Eyedrum. His constant networking and hard work has led to some notable buzz on popular Hip Hop blogs Hip Hop DX,, and Potholes in My Blog. He has been featured on various projects and mixtapes including the A3C Festival Beats and Lyrics Mixtape 2010, King I Divine’s Crown Jewelz Parts 2 and 3, and Kevin Nottingham Presents Momma Said Knock You Out.

blctxt has released two EPs of his own, Acknowledgment (2009) and Contxt Clues (2009). His newest EP, A Smart Black Boy: The Sonic Inception is an in-depth analysis of the man and artist, offering insight into his personal struggles, highlighting his quick wit and expert wordplay. Tracks on the album feature artists: Naira, Dipp, and Free Phareal with production by King I Divine, Illastrate, J Haze, and NAMELESS.

“I want to be as creative as possible when making music, give people a FULL experience when listening to me. It’s important to me to bring the value of art back into people’s lives, almost let my music be a soundtrack for them daily, almost like a motivational speaker with beats. I know how it feels to be at rock bottom so I want to share my experience but also be some sort of navigator for productivity and a better life.”

A Smart Black Boy: The Sonic Inception was released October 2011.