About IndieOn65

IndieOn65 provides an online platform for Creative Visionaries in every area of the arts, via our website and Creative Perspectives  video series.  Both serve as creative hubs for music/visual artists, photographers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, fashion and style bloggers as well as media managers and more, to network and build productive creative relationships.

CREATIVE VISIONARY: (as defined by wiki.answers.com) - A Creative Visionary is a Trailblazer in his or her respective field.  They see a problem or solution others don’t, and create a solution which opens an untapped niche or market. Creative Visionaries are often misunderstood for their innovation. In truth, creative visionaries keep our world fresh with new ideas and processes.

LaToya Dupree, Co-Founder/Marketing – latoya@indieon65.com

Nicole Wells, Co-Founder/Operations – nwells@indieon65.com

Nia Hand, Co-Founder/Brand Manager – niahand@indieon65.com

NAMELESS, Designer/Beatmaker – namelessdesigns83@indieon65.com

Lover Smith III, Designer/Photographer – loversmithiii@indieon65.com