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Nametag Announces a Name Change: Introducing ‘Tag Alexander’

The Michigan Hip Hop Artist and Creative Visionary, formerly known as Nametag has officially changed his stage name to Tag Alexander.

Tag made the announcement just before the new year, via social media and e-mail. Check out the formal announcement below.

You all continue to grow with me as I evolve as a music artist. With that being said, I’ve carried the alias “Nametag” (given by Black Milk) for 13 years now. I covered a lot of ground as an indie artist under that alias, but entering 2014 as I continue to evolve musically, I will now go by the alias TAG ALEXANDER“. This is is something I’ve considered since before the release of my first LP, The Name Is Tag. I am confident with my decision with the name change and also excited for you all to hear the new music I have in store for 2014 and beyond. Of course, music is still available under the Nametag alias like the current For Namesake LP, etc. but moving forward…TAG ALEXANDER!