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Artist Spotlight: Sherwood Brown, Jr.

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We’ve discovered one of Tallahassee’s hidden treasures that has a voice that can serenade and soothe you even on your worst days. His classic, yet street style makes him relatable and vulnerable. Young, focused, and driven without a doubt, this month’s Artist Spotlight had to be on Sherwood Brown Jr.

Sherwood Brown’s newly released song entitled, ”My 365″ is the official single off the FAMU’s Music & Entertainment Industry Student Association debut album Love Notes. His John Legend’s “Good Morning” and “This Time” (below) covers along with Stevie Wonder’s “A Ribbon in the Sky” shows just how timeless his voice is.

Along with our other spotlight talents this 21 year old is quite impressive because he writes and produces all of his songs.  With every day experience influencing his music, his hypnotizing baritone leaves us anticipating his upcoming EP.


Sherwood Brown, Jr. Covers John Legend’s “This Time” 

Sherwood Brown Jr. “My 365″

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